Meet Our Team

Bigger Bird has the design sense, technical capabilities and most importantly, the experience necessary to create a successful website that meets your specific needs. We understand and respect deadlines. We have both experience and enthusiasm. We do not train on your dime.

Aaron Namba

Aaron Namba / Development & Hosting

A graduate of Harvey Mudd College, Aaron’s formal training is in Computer Science, and it shows in his durable software designs and stable hosting platforms.

But his true passion is entrepreneurship and trend watching. Ask him anything related to these topics, but be prepared for a long discussion...

Annie Namba

Annie Namba / Design & Project Management

Annie’s award-winning, client-pleasing designs are the face of Bigger Bird. On top of that, Annie can make the most complex of sites easy to use and easy to maintain — no simple feat.

Annie holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from UH, but she also excels in project management. You can entrust her with complex projects and relax, knowing they will be completed on time and within budget.